Autoritratto dal vero, 2004

matita su carta,

68x41x45 cm




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Elena Mutinelli was born in Milan on 4th July 1967.


She made an artistic training and, since she was an adolescent, she has been dedicating herself to sculpture with a lot of passion. She attended in Milan the studio of Gino Cosentino, a Sicilian sculptor, pupil of Arturo Martini, who taught and handed on her the basics of sculpture, the love for marble and its shaping.

Elena Mutinelli, granddaughter of the sculptor Silvio Monfrini, who realized Francesco Baracca’s monument in Milan and was Ernesto Bazzaro pupil, deepened the tradition of figurative sculpture from Lombardy.

After achieving the degree in Sculpture at Accademia di Belle Arti in Brera (Brera School of Fine Arts), in 1989/1990 academic year with the teachers A. Cavaliere, Cascella, L. Silvestri, in 1990/91 she moved to Pietrasanta (Lucca - Tuscany), in order to learn marble working technique.

In the years 1992-1995, she worked between Milan and Pietrasanta and then, in 1995, she definitively settled in Milan, where she had the opportunity to weave together professional relationships with famous Art Galleries such as “La Compagnia del Disegno”, Moreschi Art Gallery, Gabriele Cappelletti Contemporary  Art Gallery, and other last generation Galleries, such as the Entroterra Art Gallery

After the School and Pietrasanta stay, Elena Mutinelli started to express a personal perspective in her sculpture, at first  dramatic and disquieting, and later on she clearly defined the features of an up beating and ploughed humanity, through the intense expressivity of the particulars - vigorous hands - and making them become effective protagonists of body language.

In 1998 G. Segato decided to gather ten years of her sculptures and drawings, taking care of an important personal public exhibition, “Le mani sul corpo” (“The hands on the body”), combined with Wagnerian Concerts at sunset, with the Salerno University Patronage, that took place at Villa Rufolo Closter in the village of Ravello - Salerno (Southern Italy).

In the following years, Elena Mutinelli gained and honed a personal expressive strength, defining and marking the guidelines of her artistic tendency; the body is a subject that offers a lot of things to say about, it is alive, beats and goes beyond the dialectical and contrasting relation between tradition and modernity.

And her very particular, plastic, almost virile, physiognomy has captured the attention of Art Galleries that still nowadays have been dealing with her works.

From 1998 until 2004 she decided to open a new studio, where she could completely dedicate herself to sculpture and to the work of Milan Cathedral: in these years, in fact, she permanently set herself up as external partner of La Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano (Time-honoured Factory of Milan Cathedral), for whom she had been working occasionally since 1992.

During the collaboration with La Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano, she was involved in the reproduction of original marble works with the creation of marble work copies, she made in her studio.

From 2003 until 2005, she is asked by La Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano to run the stonecutters building site at the Casa di Reclusione in Opera (Milan), where she taught the stonecutters to make, from the original model, faithful reproductions of Milan Cathedral’s sculptures and ornaments.

In 2005 Elena Mutinelli has started the collaboration with Entroterra Art Gallery in Milan, with a personal exhibition, looked after by Giuliana Mazzola and A. Loomassaro, about the myth of Eros titled “La scelta di Eros” (“Eros’ choice”). The same theme was already shown in Switzerland in 2004 in an exhibition looked after by D. Benedetto, but on the most recent occasion it expressed a more intimate perspective.

Since 2004, with Entroterra Art Gallery, she has taken part into many collective sculpture exhibitions and Contemporary Art Fairs, that took place in Verona, Catania and Reggio Emilia.

Currently Elena Mutinelli is represented by the Etra Studio Tommasi Art Gallery by Francesca Sacchi Tommasi (Pietrasanta and Florence), she collaborates with the contemporary art gallery Après-coup Arte in Milan. He has collaborated with: Marini Art Gallery (Milan), MAG Art Gallery Marsiglione Arts Gallery (Como and Kyoto), S. Eufemia Art Gallery (Venice), S. Maurizio Gallery (Venice), Gallery of Art Compagnia del Disegno (Milan), Cappelletti Art Gallery (Milan), Franco Senesi Art Gallery Positano and the Art Gallery Entroterra (Milan-Brescia), Marieschi Art Gallery, (Milan-Monza) ,

In 2012 he opened a new studio in Brianza dedicating himself to sculpture and exhibited in institutional exhibitions. His sculpture is an embodiment of human presence in comparison with his predatory nature, as is life. His works are an expression of venturing into man's potential; strong sculptures, anatomies contracted to deal with the daily intentions of existence. Her works have received the recognition of the public and of the galleries that have dedicated personal and collective exhibitions of prestige to her, they are part of private and public international collections including the most important:

2000 Owens Corning, an international manufacturer of thermo-acoustic insulation materials, purchased the works of E. Mutinelli made with the materials of its own production. The sculptures were exhibited in the same year alongside the precious paintings by Antonio Guardi and other important ancient works at the Lo Studiolo Museum, Milan.

2001 Jolly Hotel Madison Towers, New York, bought many graphic works; currently they are in all the rooms of the Hotel.

2004 University of History of Art of Siena with the graphic work Nell'arena, Director E. Crispolti, collection of the University.

2005 The Municipality of Reana del Royale inaugurates the Empty monument of joined hands, a monumental work in marble, Timao Rock Flower, purchased by the AFDS and placed in the municipal square of the Municipality of Reana del Royale (Udine).

2008 ButanGas, commissioned a sculptural work: the founder's hand with the shield depicting the Dragon of the Butangas.

2009 Sculpture in collection at Tia, Denver, USA.

2013/17 Private collections in Europe

2015 Sylacauga, Alabama, USA, statuary marble sculpture Here and now Library collection.

2017  Gimoka caffè



Foto Elena Mutinelli

Grafica Elena Mutinelli

Traduzioni Roberta Mazzesi




The sculptural production of Elena Mutinelli is hand made without any artisan's or machinery's help.


Nessuna delle immagini può essere riprodotta o trasmessa in qualsiasi forma o qualsiasi mezzo elettronico, meccanico o altro senza l’autorizzazione scritta di Elena Mutinelli, proprietaria dei diritti dell’immagine.

No image of this book may be reproduced  or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or any information storage end retrieval system, without permition in wring from Elena Mutinelli, owner of  the images copyright.

Elena Mutinelli

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